Warsaw Concerto


“A neatly arranged program and the pianist’s excellent possibilities in terms of not only stunning technique, but also giving the pieces a personal touch, make her debut album “Warsaw Concerto” an album that every piano music lover should reach for.”

Robert Ratajczak


“Here is a great solo album debut by Zuzanna Całka, a young pianist-chamber musician, whose main asset is the most noble, because inborn musicality. Chopin’s Polonaise in A flat major was played majestically and without haste, though with rhythmic verve and panache. Young pianists too often see bravado and empty virtuosity in this piece. Luckily, Zuzanna does not belong to that group. There is more Chopin – the Mazurka Op. 17 No. 4 played with a beautiful sense of the rubato, and the Rain Prelude, full of discreet sighs. Warsaw Concerto Addinsella in the version for solo piano, although it does not sound as colorful as the original version with an orchestra, it suggestively takes us into the world of neo-romantic raptures and harmonic weaves à la Rachmaninoff. Paderewski’s Nocturne, recorded in a different, dull acoustic space, brings us closer to the new-age aesthetics, provoking questions about the timelessness of Art in times of ubiquitous trash and artistic downfall. Played fleetingly, ethereally, with perfect timing, Paderewski’s trifle brings a tear to the eye. Highly recomanded!”

Jan Jakub Bokun

conductor, clarinetist